Rebecca Crist - Writer and Author of The Book

My Work

I have been writing stories, poems, and songs since I was a young girl. I am the fifth-born child of ten, so I have lots of experiences and insights to share with others. I have written for newspapers, schools, and churches. It's a joyful experience for me to create personalized greeting cards for my three children, nine grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, extended family, and friends.

A Journey to Blossom
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Join My Journey

If you read "A Journey to Blossom" and enjoy it, please tell others and suggest getting a copy, especially as a gift for expectant parents. A story about the miracle of conception and birth is one no one should get tired of hearing.

I am indebted to the wonderful people of Hanover, Spring Grove and York PA, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Cincinnati, OH, and Broomfield, CO, for contributing to the quality and joy that has been my life. I blossomed from a young girl to the elderly woman I am now, as all of you fed me along the way.

A Journey to Blossom Illustrator, Morgan Grim

When A Journey to Blossom was first published, Morgan was a junior in College and had
been creating art for five years.
Morgan views art as a form of expression and a mental/emotional outlet. She prefers to work in oils
and has sold many paintings.
When author, Rebecca Crist, saw Morgan's paintings,
she approached her about illustrating a book for children. Morgan joyfully accepted the challenge
and we hope you like the results. Below are some of her oil paintings.