Diane Caldwell Customer

This is a fun, little book to introduce smaller children to the birth process, ( told by a baby named Blossom). The illustrations are childlike & colorful. I liked that there were easy personal questions for the reader to keep the experience interactive...very cute..I.plan.on reading it to my 3 grandaughters, ( ages 2, 5 &7) 

Rebecca Crist Customer

A Journey to Blossom is my attempt to let children know how they were created and what they were doing during the days, weeks and months before their birth. It is somewhat whimsical but factual, and my illustrator, Morgan Grim, did a fantastic job of depicting both. I hope you and those who hear and see the story find enjoyment and enlightenment. 


This is the best children's book I ever read.


Rebecca Crist has made a wonderful contribution to children's literature with this creative exploration of life as it begins at conception. It traces the development of a baby (Blossom) in the womb, step by step, from the baby's perspective. It is fun, colorful, upbeat, and full of personality. The interactive questions included throughout the story make it especially engaging for children. Add to this Morgan Grim's whimsical illustrations, and you have a delightful book that will help adults talk to children about the miracle of life. 



Sharon Shaffer

A Journey to Blossom fills a void for parents as they think about sharing important values and beliefs with their children about the beginning of life. Children's books are a powerful tool for opening conversations about topics that are sometimes difficult to put into age appropriate words. For this reason, A Journey to Blossom is a gift to both parents and children. The text opens the topic in a simple, child-friendly manner, inviting conversation and serving as a bridge to talk about important issues in life. Enjoy! 

This is a fun and creative book to start a discussion about pregnancy and birth. It was interactive and lead to discussions about my own birth stories with my 3 boys (ages 1, 4, and 6). They loved the pictures and were engaged with Blossom's story. 

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