Importance of Reading

A Journey to Blossom
Oct 08 023


Some of my favorite times as an adult were when I read to my children and grandchildren.

During these precious times, we stepped out of our frenetic lives and had each other's full attention. As I read, I could insert illustrations from my own life and ask them how the stories related to their experiences. This became teaching without preaching, questioning without interrogating. Reading aloud also presented an opportunity to convey emotions and feelings and talk about them as the writer, reader, and listeners. It was also an opportunity to inform them of our family's beliefs and values.

A Journey to Blossom


It was a particular joy when reading to let the children fill in words or phrases they remembered or had learned to read. Sometimes I would purposely say a wrong word or turn the page before finishing it and was delighted when they noticed and corrected me.

They gently learned correcting without condemning.

Reading together offered a sense of closeness with my children and grandchildren that I will remember and cherish forever.